Benefit from a wide variety of products and services tailored like a suit of armor to each individual publisher.

At Koi, we understand that the core of our phalanx are our publishers. That is why Koi has an entire team dedicated to supporting publishers of any size, vertical or source.


Dedicated Account Managers & Concierge Services

When you join Koi, a member of our account management team is assigned to you, to help you navigate the wide range of products and services available to you. Their goal is to ensure that you are never lacking the tools you need to maximize your ROI. You are never alone with Koi.

Competitive Payouts and Flexible Payment Terms

You should never have to worry about getting paid for your hard work. That is why we only work with advertisers with a proven track-record, and why our account managers continually work with our publishers to ensure the highest monetisation possible for our publishers’ traffic. Koi's infrastructure and dedicated finance team ensures that you no longer need to worry about cash flow. With Koi, you know how much you are going to get paid, and when you will receive the money. No more guesswork.

Global Creative and Advertiser Coverage

Having traffic which cannot be monetized is a concept which does not exist in Koi. Our creative team works hard to ensure that our publishers have creatives designed specifically for their target audience. Whether you are targeting a country, a language or another niche, your Koi account manager will work closely with our creative team to ensure that you have the materials you need to succeed.

When it comes to monetizing your traffic, having advertising partners is key. That is why Koi has forged partnerships with Advertisers across a wide spectrum of geographic and product verticals. Koi's underlying technology works continuously to optimize your monetization, while ensuring good value for the advertisers as well.

Real Time Statistics & Analysis

With Koi, your statistics are made available to you immediately and in real-time. No waiting for calculations, and no guessing on the overall results. Additionally, you can benefit from Koi’s Machine Learning to make informed decisions on trends and patterns in your statistics.

With the help of your Koi account manager, you can keep ahead of the trends and be prepared for realistic eventualities.