We have been helping advertisers from large brands and small businesses, to build relationships, amplify their reputations and achieve optimized outcomes.

Koi is gifted with a strong echipă of experts who provide the perfect advertiser solutions. Our goals-based strategic program for advertisers is built on thorough research of the current market trends like, demographics, interests, intents, et al. This kind of robust analysis ensures that the targeted audience receives the message that you want to convey and thereby, evoke specific actions.


Reaching the right audience at the right time

We strike the right chord with the consumers with intent-based ads. Our real-time platform identifies the interest of the user, the time when they are most active, and responsive to ads. We then execute our effective capabilities accordingly to yield more than 90% conversion rates and higher traffic.

Accessing our global network

With over users spread across the world, Gladio has been the market leader in the marketing space since its inception. We guarantee the absolute exposure and most suitable infrastructure that your ads deserve.

Assuring 100% credibility

We partner with you to fulfill your strategic vision with real-time news, information, and business strategy from reliable resources tailored as per your interests. We design your brand’s success through stringent publisher screening and top-notch data and machine learning methodologies.

Our best-in-class advertisers have benefited immensely from our solutions-oriented, creative, and award-winning techniques. We have been appreciated for adding value to multiple brands through our meaningful connections and strategic capabilities, not to forget our engineering capabilities to develop customer-relevant future systems.